Vegan Food Aid Program

During the pandemic LULAC Iowa and Vegan Outreach started a partnership to address food insecurity and education in our hardest hit communities across Iowa.

We collaborate with local food stores to hold store events where members of the community pick up free diverse assortments of food and engage in educational activities.

Community collaboration and engagement are key components to the program, providing opportunities to leverage funding, identify additional programming and further develop cross-community relationships.

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Since June of 2020 the program has supported 1,750 families, fed 7,000 individuals, and provided 100,600 total meals in Columbus Junction, Fairfield, Ottumwa, Mount Pleasant, Denison, Cedar Rapids, West Liberty, Muscatine, Iowa City, and other surrounding communities.

We have more work to do delivering food justice.  Help out by making a donation to the Vegan Food Aid Program that will support and expand our partnership effort to address food insecurity and educate our communities about healthy, alternative food choices.

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